This website is a portfolio of the works I have completed, a center for updates on ongoing projects, and a blog for my personal ramblings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Portfolio of work
 Lessons Learned from Research via Private Social Media Groups – CHI 2019
As research methods evolve to provide a voice to understudied, distributed communities, we explore our experiences running and analyzing Asynchronous Remote Communities (ARC) studies. Our experiences stem from four separate Facebook-based ARC studies with people who experience: rare disease, pregnancy, miscarriage, or HIV. We delve into these studies’ methods, and present updated guidelines focused on improved study design, data collection, and analysis plans for ARC studies.
Wildlife rehabilitation involves caring for sick, injured, and orphaned non-domesticated native animals to re-release into the wild. While rehabilitators face similar hurdles as animal shelters such as limited funding and technology challenges, wildlife rehabilitation requires minimal human contact to ensure a successful reintroduction to the wild. However, the animals cared for require frequent monitoring and tending for health concerns. In this paper we document our process and design considerations for a smart habitat unique for the American opossum, a common intake at a local rehabilitation center, to limit human interaction while monitoring animal health. Our process includes interviews with volunteers and participatory observation, resulting in specifications of future design work for the American opossum.
Barks & Rec: A Dog Park Socio-Technical System
The dog park going experience has the potential for many positive experiences for dogs. Through observations, interviews and focus groups, we designed Barks & Rec, a cooperative system that encourages community connections and behaviors awareness in dogs park goers through interweaving the dog park community. With activity tracking integration, our design allows for owners to keep tabs on their dog’s activity while contributing to community goals and encourages pet awareness.

About Me
Cassie Kresnye
Outside of my academic pursuits, I enjoy sewing, video games, and hiking with my lil polar bear. I make a fantastic sourdough, and enjoy horrible slasher movies. Pet pictures are always welcome =^.^=