Dark-eyed Junco Dynamic Habitat Calculated via Social Media Citizen Science

The Dark-Eyed Junco is a sparrow indigenous to the United States, and has a stable population. These birds are easily identified by new birders, resulting in a growing collection of sighting on social media. To explore the potential use case of applying citizen science for tracking, this project pulls from the current social media posts and determines how close the sighting is to the known ranges of these birds. This project involved automated data collection (with cleaning) using Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. With help from Google Cloud, images scraped were verified to have a bird present in them before adding them to the group repository. Once gathered, data points were compared to known siting from Ebird, a dataset produced by the Bird Lab at Cornell. Based on the overlap and learning from the posts that were accurate, a ArcGIS tool was created to determine if a given data point and date are accurate.

Project Originally Developed: Spring 2019

Project Updates: Planned, not active

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